Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Lots to talk about today. Okay, here we go...



What a fucking mess. I wasted many many hours of my life on about 80 evil little programs. Makes me want to get a CS degree just so I can write anti-spyware code and give it to people for free to combat this evil shit.

Gee, get mad much? ;-)

Second, my life as an almost-crafter...

This is just too good NOT to make (someday!):

Speaking of projects that will get's the craft that almost was:

Today I finally picked up where I left off with my black scarf. It's my Nightmare Before XMas scarf...and you will see why when I finish it! The next project will be some silver gauntlets made with the Best Yarn Ever(tm) which I picked up at that big knitting/weaving expo thing earlier this year. Again, pics to follow whenever I get around to finishing the shit.

And, last but certainly not least, see my favorite handmade Christmas present:

Yay! Sooooo happy that they are a.) black with b.) red lettering and c.) that I finally work in a place with enough dorks to get complemented on them! As they say...."w00t!!1"

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