Saturday, March 18, 2006

I survived!

Well, the big release came and went, and I can proudly say I survived!

Boy it was a tough one. I had to delay it once, and contemplated doing so again. But, it's out the door, we learned a lot, and now we're gonna turn right around and do it again. There are lots of projects lined up and ready to hit the streets for the next real release. No reason not to forge ahead, as I see it.

In the meantime, I've joined the swanky gym down the street (and I'm GOING to go because it's so damn expensive).

Oh yeah -- I get to do an interview for a magazine article about software project management practicesin our industry. It's basically going to say -- "Yeah, there are these 15 best practices...and this is how what we do is better!" LOL

Seriously, though, this weekend I plan to review my Best Practices list (thank you, Software Quality Assurance course) to get a handle on what we do "right" and what we do "our own way" so that I don't sounds like a total n00b...

...that and I plan to play lots of Animal Crossing (GameCube).

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