Sunday, September 21, 2008

Oh yeah. I'm home now!

Was so tired after my trip, I had to take a week to recuperate before I could post.

Pictures are forthcoming - I had to buy a crappy disposable camera at the student store at University of Warwick in order to take some photos. Should be developed soon, and I'll post pics to Flickr and link here.

After the conference, which was *awesome* by the way, I traveled to Brighton with my good friend Jim Purbrick. He and his lovely wife Ali put me up for two nights, which was very kind. We got to walk around Brighton and see the sites, including Paradise Pier (star of "Quadrophenia"):

and the Royal Pavilion:

It was a great trip, and I really enjoyed everything. Thank you again, Jim and Ali! :-)

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Unknown said...

Thanks for coming Karen, it was great to see you again!