Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Weirdest Dream I've Ever Had

This is the weirdest dream I've ever had.

I was in Oregon visiting Mama. I went to Mona's house to say hi. She had two daughters and an older son. She also had a child who died previously. I was spending some time at her house when we decided to go out. As Mona and her kids were leaving, I realized I forgot something upstairs and went up there.

Something seemed wrong - a door was a jar which I was sure had been closed - so I poked around a bit. I opened a closet door to find a deranged Chinese man staring at me. I asked what he was doing and he said he was searching for something and to leave him alone. Startled, and knowing he didn't belong there, I hit him on the head. He fell down and I screamed for Mona. She and her kids came running upstairs, wondering what was going on. I told her this man was in the house, and they called the police.

He woke up and started chasing Mona and I around. We ran into a pantry which was very large and strangely filled with bottles of tomato juice. The man used some kind of psychic power to make the bottles explode, and Mona and I screamed and ran away. Finally, I realized which item in the house the man wanted. I grabbed it and invoked its power. The man ran away swearing revenge.

After the man was gone and the magical thing - which looked like a white hair roller curler thing with some gauzy substance on it - was secured, I left to go to the bank. I first tried the ATM where I wanted to transfer money from one account to the other. At the end of the transaction, a bunch of receipts came out that indicated I'd overdrawn my account and several fees would be charged. Though the bank was just closing and there was a huge line inside, when I explained I only had a question the woman minding the door let me in.

I waited in line forever, sharing the odd story of the mysterious object with my fellow line-waiters. Once I reached the correct point in the line, the bank door woman gave me a solid red Russian winter hat, which I donned, and told me to proceed to the front.

Finally at the counter, I started telling the the teller that I had a problem to discuss. She told me to wait a moment and moved into the back room. Then, the lights dimmed and a special effect light show began. The floor of the bank cleared and each teller came out in a ball gown, sparkling with jewels. Music played, and a great show was put on. The other customers stared, waiting for the tellers to get back to work. One woman who needed change came to the backside of my teller's window and took some change from her desk to add to her deposit.

Eventually, the show stopped and the teller came back. The lights returned to normal, and work resumed. The teller apologized for the mistake and gave me a $1000 bill. I was no longer annoyed and left to go back home.

I returned to Mama's house, where James was waiting. I told him I had to tell him about the incredibly strange day I'd had, with the mysterious device and the $1000 bonus, but he just wanted to go to sleep. He kept turning the light off, and I had to keep turning it back on. I finally convinced him to talk to me, but when we sat face to face in the light, I could see his front tooth was broken. (This referred to another dream where his tooth fell out.) I then wondered if the $1000 would be enough to fix his broken tooth...

At that point I woke up. I spent all morning reciting the dream so I would forget as little of it as possible. And now it's written down!

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Anonymous said...

You must have inherited your mother's weird dream gene. This dream beats many of my strangest.