Saturday, December 03, 2011

Bazaar Bizarre San Francisco Dec 3, 2011

We braved the sunny weather today to attend the Bazaar Bizarre (San Francisco edition) at the Concourse Exhibition Center East. Here are the vendors/artists we liked the most:

  • Kelso Doesn't Dance - Kelso repurposes old books, playing cards, and maps into notebooks. She has an Etsy shop where you can find items online, but they are more fun to browse in person.
  • Sweet Meats - Lauren Venell creates cute pork chop, steak, and bacon pillows out of 100% recycled PET bottles. Super cute!
  • Double Parlour - Sculpture and illustrations both simple and sublime. Double Parlour also has an Etsy shop.
  • Bird Mafia - Gorgeous cut paper designs layered to produce a 3-D shadow box effect. View designs and info on the site, and shop on their Etsy page.
  • Feral Artery (Etsy shop) - Mutants and monsters abound! A chihuahua body with a lemur head and bloody fangs? A white yeti with glowing purple eyes? Sounds good to us.
  • Studio M.M.E. Illustrations - Can a design be at once both cute and mysterious? Megan Eckman has proven it so! Visit to view her illustrations, embroidery patterns, jewelry, notebooks, and other hand-made items.
  • Maggie Hurley - Portraits, illustrations, and plush toys are charming but not simple. I really liked the small, square bird and animal paintings, though you can see a high level of quality in all of her work.

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