Saturday, April 03, 2010

WonderCon 2010 List 'O Favorites


Our new favorite thing: crazy Victorian-inspired intellectual humor in three panel chunks. We bought way too much stuff at David Malki!'s booth, but goddamn it is fabulous. Cool stuff like this is why we go to conventions!

Cursed Pirate Girl
Our next most favorite thing: Jeremy Bastian's amazing, detailed comic about the adventures of a sea-faring pirate. Look for the collected series this Fall.

Something Positive
Amazing web comic drawn by a super cool guy!

Monster Commute
Steampunk web comic.

Asylum Press
Home of Fearless Dawn and The Bomb, by Steve Mannion.

Action Figure Freddy
No, Sean's not gone! Action Figure Freddy has a new home at 112 Waverly Place in SF Chinatown (opening April '10). Check out the site for news on his collaboration with Clark Tate called "Tralocian: Guardians of the Crystal Buddha" - can't wait to see it!

Cyborg Mice
Web comic about cyborg mice who've outlived their human creators and now must survive in a post-apocalyptic environment.


Christian Alzmann
Gorgeous work. He starts with a traditional drawing then works digitally to complete the piece. Amazing stuff from a very talented guy.

Steam Crow
From the folks who bring you Monster Commute, the steampunk web comic, comes an awesome line of prints, plus, books, toys, and more.

2D animation, including the "esurance" animated ad campaign, Scary Girl, and more.

Super fucking cool guy with amazing art. He was our favorite "traditional media" artist at the show. We're really looking forward to his show in SF this August at White Walls!

David Colman
Wickedly talented artist with an eclectic portfolio. His main offering at WonderCon were animal drawings.

Trained Eye Graphics
Attractive illustrations, and some cute boxes. Our favorite was the coffin with a devil kitty painted on front, and an angel kitty inside.

Crude Dude
Messy, evil art. If you like the art from TV show Super Jail, or artist Joe Coleman, you might like this.

Van Eaton Galleries
This vendor had an amazing collection of high quality animation cells and animation-related art. Prices range from low to *holy shit* but the pieces are definitely worth asking price on all counts!

Haunted Memories
You know those cheesy holographic pictures you get at Halloween of things like a pretty woman who, when looked at sideways, becomes a horrible witch? Well, these are a bit like that, except about 1000 times more creepy and of much higher quality. I'll never buy a crappy one from Halloween Superstore again!

Dark's Art Parlour
He makes impressive photo collages, she does crazy photo-realistic paintings on canvas.


Nerd Kung Fu
Hipster t-shirts.

Retro Outlaw
Even more hip hipster t-shirts. Original designs such as Che(wbacca) Guevara, and those Planet of the Apes shirts that seem to be everywhere (cool) right now.



Latin Lords gear, and more about the movie that inspired it, Lords of Chaos.

Chingaso the Clown


Toffee dolls
Very cool cosplay-esque dolls, including the awesome Hellboy edition!

Lauren Venell
Makes amazing custom dolls to your specifications.

Squid Kids Ink
Home of the very cute Squibs line of collectibles including plush, zipper pulls, painted (or paintable) toys, and more.

Blamo Toys
Amazing hand-made toys. You have to see them to believe them!

Lost World Productions
Trippy hand-made dolls. Lots of warrior women with large, exposed breasts.


Altair-4 Collectibles
Dan Medart
328 S. Tustin Ave., Orange, CA 92866

Sci-fi and fantasy books, as well as a wide variety of military books.

Books and Treasures
Phil Davis

Some antiquarian books, and some hats. And some sci-fi memorabilia.


Swing Goth
Swing Goth operates at DNA Lounge and other clubs in SF, offering couples dancing to modern, New Wave, and Goth tunes.