Saturday, May 10, 2008

"Tiger Tiger" Ice Cream

Yet another exciting thing in Canada that I've never seen in the US is "Tiger Tiger" ice cream. Some call it "Tiger Tail" and some call it "Tiger," but it's always the same: orange ice cream with a licorice swirl.

I have not tried it yet. More news if/when I do.


Unknown said...

I go to canada every year for one week and enjoy the tiger tail ice cream.I wish they had it in the states.Can anyone help.

Two B's said...

My husband is from Toronto, we now live in Orlando. What I miss is Coffee Crisp and Paradiso Medium from Second Cup...and I'm not even from there!!!

David Littlejohns said...

Did you ever end up trying it? I love it, it's my favourite flavour. Didn't know it was a Canadian thing!